All cats


Are you ready to defend your base with the help of fearless cats? They will obey all your orders, but only if you dare to give them such an opportunity. If you have any trouble with the gameplay, you will be given a short guide, and everything will become clear. Your main goal is to get to the top of the leaderboard, and you can do it only if you destroy the enemy’s base and keep your base safe.

After you start the game, you see your bas, but you shouldn’t sit still, waiting for a miracle; you should press the Attack button, because the quicker you earn your cat food, the quicker you will be able to improve your army. At first you will have a limited set of warriors, but later you will be able to unlock them. Actually, if you earn millions of game currency, you may collect unique kittens and become the best commander.

You can buy cat food in your application, though it will cost you a pretty amount of money, and it would be better to earn them on your own, though this process won’t be quick. The graphic is cartoonish, and you will like it, no matter how old you are. Take your friend with you, and you may test, who is the best. Try different tactics and kittens, and you will soon find out, which one works for you.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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