The Battle Cats android


Cats are cute and funny, but you can’t imagine how furious they may be while defending their territory. In a new game The Battle Cats you will see twelve different cats with unique characteristics, and they will fight with enemies and try to defend their base. If you win the level, you will be rewarded, and you may spend your game currency on upgrades. You may buy extra cats to your army, or grant extra skills to those that you already have at your disposal. Your soldiers are armed with sharp claws and teeth, and they can meow loudly to scare the enemy. Though this game deals with fighting, you can see very little violence here, so very small kids may spend time in it. And this game is a pure strategy, because you choose the soldiers, they do their job, and you don’t interfere in this process. There are a couple of modes, and you can try to survive on the area with the cruel enemies, whose number is constantly growing, or you may invite your friend to fight face-to-face.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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