The Battle Cats mod


Do you know that cats are excellent soldiers on the battlefield, and they can be stronger than humans, dogs, rhinos and other animals? Well, if you doubt, you should have a look at the Battle Cats with mods that will show you their skills. Here you may gather a cool army of cats, and win every fight, if you make your mind with a nice strategy.

Your main goal is to keep your base safe for as long, as possible, but you should get to the top of the leaderboard, because this is the main point of your gaming efforts. When you start the game, it will occupy your mind, and you will play it any minute, whenever you have a free-time. You are able to unlock twelve super cool character, and each of them is different in a way, because they have different characteristics and fight according to them. If you collect enough money, you can buy exclusive cats, and make your army even stronger.

You can upgrade their characteristics, and they will conquer the opponent’s base easily. You can unlock several modes, so this game will never bore you. If you have troubles with something, you will find a helpful guide, and if want to become an impeccable player, you may re-play every level as many times, as you need, and you will get extra experience that you might need. Collect every cat food, and develop your army to become the best in the world.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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