Hack and cheats


There are white cats and black cats, kind cats and evil ones, and they can easily conquer the territory that doesn’t belong to them. If you don’t believe in this fact, then you have never seen Battle Cats with hack and cheats, because those purring animals can cry like loins, and their claws and teeth are sharp, and can defeat any opponent.

Your task is to defend your base, and while you are doing this, get the highest score, and occupy the leading place in the leaderboard. You need to attack the enemy’s base, and don’t forget about the safety of your own too. You have twelve cats to unlock, and you will know every strong and weak side of each animal. If you learn everything, it would be much easier to plan your strategy, because once you’ve pressed the start button, you can’t change a thing, because everything will go on automatically due to the characteristics of chosen soldiers.

No matter how old you are, these cats won’t leave you indifferent, because they are so cute and powerful. Your every victory will bring you certain amount of cat food, and you can spend them on different upgrades, either enlarging your army, or making stronger the existing one. There are a couple of modes, and the most stressing one is Endless, where you will see the sea of enemies, and you have to kill all of them without mercy.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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