Final Boss


Do you like cats? In this game you’ll have to hire these fluffy pets for battles, fight against enemies and break through hurdles. You’ll play in different mini-locations of the world because the cats adore traveling. The task of every level is to take down the enemies’ base and collect treasures. The methods of destroying the rivals include sneezing, cutting, stomping over and other crazy things. Your foes look weird but the cats are even weirder: one of them has two human legs, the other has the dragon’s body. You can upgrade their skills like in Pokemon game and make your characters become the strongest on the planet! Pick up unique species in new countries and reveal their super abilities.

You carry not more than take 10 cats with you. At first, the levels will be simple, but don’t relax too much because later you’ll have to sweat a little! Don’t forget to feed the cats: get food after completing certain missions. ‘The Battle Cats’ was released 3 years ago but it continues to spread among gamers. Today there are two versions: in Japanese and in English. Although the game is connected with battles, it’s created in good-natured atmosphere. It may seem that it’s rather crazy but let’s call it extraordinary instead! When we watch films about zombie apocalypse, insects’ attacks or dinosaur awakening, we start partly believe that it’s possible. So why can’t cats rule the world? What if one day humanity disappears from Earth and cats take its place? If you want to see how it all’s gonna look like, join the fan club of ‘The Battle Cats’. Endless wars for territory accompanied by meow-meow, cute creatures resembling mutants and forming legions, dogs and snakes that die of cats’ paws – all of these are rare to find today.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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