Battle Cats gameplay


Are cats good animals or evil ones? You will hardly find a person, who considers them to be dangerous, but we will prove you’re wrong. Battle cats will show you that they are perfect warriors, though they need your help to complete their mission. If you are ready to accompany them in their efforts to defend their territory, then you shouldn’t hesitate, and start the game right now! Cats are domestic animals and they like living on their own. But when it comes to defending their land, they become fearless warriors, ready to obey your orders. There are plenty of levels, where they will take their claws off, and start scratching their enemies.

They will bite their opponents as well, and you need to control what is happening on the screen. The main point is that this is nonviolent game, and you won’t see blood or some severe injuries. You have an army of devoted cats, and they will do everything you want, but they aren’t always enough. You need to upgrade your army all the time, and you may do this in two ways. You may buy new soldiers, so your army will grow and make your enemy shiver. Also you may develop some crucial characteristics for those, whom you already have at your disposal, and make them stronger. You may combine these two points together, but don’t forget that you can win only if your army is strong enough. Speed is a very important parameter in this game.

And it doesn’t say that you must complete this level to get an access to the next one. When you win the battle quickly, you are rewarded by a bigger amount of coins, and you can spend them on the development of your army, and win quicker, and upgrade, and win, and do it forever. Cats hate their opponents, and they are rivals in reality, so you will feel this close connection. The graphic is cartoonish, but it is charming, and you want to spend more and more time with your favorite pets that aren’t hostile; they are doing everything to defend their land, and they won’t stop at anything!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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