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If you like cats, they you know how delicate their hair is, how they purr, and how you like to pet them. But some cats may be very aggressive, and attack their masters. Our cats are friendly, but they have to fight for their land with aggressors. The Battle cats are from Japan, but you will be surprised how cosmopolitan this application is. You will find here plenty of cats from all over the world, and special breeds that you may collect by paying some money. The main thing that matters here is the amount of money you can earn, because you unlock new characters thanks to the game currency. You can make your soldiers more enduring and powerful, if you spend your reward on them. You can earn the cat food that is the currency, or cheat a bit and make this amount grow quicker and without efforts. This is not the fair way to play, but if you need to get the quick result, you may indulge yourself with some help. There are a lot of enemies of various types, and you should know how to cope with them, and here the most important thing is tactics, because you set the options, start the level, and just enjoy the picture, because you can’t change anything.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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