Battle Cats for PC


Cats, cats, cats; those playful animals that make us smile and collect photos with them. They aren’t so sweet, no way; they are super cool warriors and the best defeaters ever. If you have a slightest doubt, you should start the Battle Cats for PC POP, and you will see how you were wrong, for these Japanese cats are incredible, and fight better than well-trained soldiers. You are able to unite up to twelve cats under your flag, and they will defend their territory till the last one standing. You should plan your strategy, and develop it after every level.

You can buy new cat soldiers, when you have enough money, and you can earn them after you complete the level successful. The quicker you fulfill the mission – the more money you will get. You can spend your coins in a bit other way: to develop skills of the cats available now, not buying more and concentrating on developing those that you already have. Both strategies are good, and you need to know which one works for you. The cats are of different types, and each of their kind is unique not only in appearance, but in features and skills as well. By choosing a certain cat, you choose a weapon as well, so you should think twice before inviting a certain pet.

Your enemies are diverse, and they are not cats, but other animals, which you may dislike. You will learn all the pitfalls easily, and become the best gamer ever, if you practice a little. Unlock new cool cats, upgrade those that you already have, and make your army will become the most powerful and invincible!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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