Battle Cats 2


Cats are very cute animals, and you will hardly find a person, who doesn’t like them. If you believe that they are playful and sweet, you may be surprised that they may be furious and angry, turning their masters’ lives into a mess. They can fight against people as well, as against animals as well. There are even cats that successfully attack dogs, and a new game Battle Cats 2 part is about this very type. This game becomes more popular within each day, because cats are very cute, even if they decided to fight a bit. When you stare at the kitten, it doesn’t seem to understand anything, and it looks so innocent that you can’t imagine what it is capable of. And, believe us, you will see how an angelic animals turns into a crazy mammal that is ready to fight not until the first blood, but before actual death. Those actions have nothing to do with the cat’s appearance, but you need to know that they will attack their enemies all the time.

They are ready to fight for their territory, and a poor thing that decided to conquer the land, not belonging to it, will be immediately defeated, and you must help your character to succeed in this uneasy task. You will see how hostile paws with sharp claws are beating the opponent, how teeth are biting furry enemy, how both – the host and the conqueror are crying to show who is in charge of his fight, and who may become the winner. Your pretty character won’t bite the master; it will attack only other kittens that are of the same size with it.

There is always a light side, and the dark one, and you will be in charge of good, and take care about the justice. Watching this catfight is cool, but that is not all, because you can get cool upgrades after you earn enough money. The more upgrades – the stronger your favorite pet becomes, and more opponents it may defeat with less efforts and health losses.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot

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